Should I get a rebound relationship after a breakup?

Should I get a rebound relationship after a breakup?

Is getting a rebound relationship after breakup a good idea?

When we say “rebound”, we aren’t talking about basketball, or any other fun activity.  The term “rebound” or “rebound relationship” is used to describe a relationship formed right after ending one.  We’ve all been there. Immediately after a breakup you’re not sure what to do.   You have a ton of emotions running through your head. You can’t stop thinking about him.  Perhaps another guy will help get your mind off of things.  Finally, you’re not restrained by being in a relationship.  Finding a rebound relationship seems like a great and fun idea.  However, you should think twice before moving forward with anything.

breakup rebound
Rebound has a totally different meaning in basketball

Why do you want a rebound relationship?

Do you miss getting attention from another human?  Or maybe you miss the physical aspects of a relationship.  The psychological reasons for wanting a rebound relationship are fascinating.  Whatever the case may be, you should think twice about your intentions with a rebound relationship.  Like all things in life, think about what you are trying to achieve in the long term with your short term actions.

The positive aspects seem very obvious from an outside perspective.  You get to have some fun with someone new.  It works as a great distraction from your current, crummy situation.  Furthermore, it helps you avoid the feeling of loneliness associated when you breakup with an ex boyfriend.  However, there are several potential danget

What are some potential dangers of a rebound relationship?

I don’t have a single friend who has had a positive experience from a rebound from their ex boyfriend.  Time after time, my friends will hook up with another guy immediately after ending a relationship.  My friends immediately regret their decisions.

My friends won’t admit it, but I know some of my friends fall immediately into a rebound in an attempt to make their ex boyfriend jealous.  They find the first guy that wants to be with them and they get all over them.  They show him off on instagram and snapchat, where they know their ex boyfriend will see.  However, this behavior has a large impact on their self esteem.  They ooze desperation and engage in dangerous behaviors.  Above all, heavy drinking can play a large role in this behavior as well.

The problem is, they don’t even like the guys.  Besides, this is not at all a healthy foundation for a relationship.

rebound relationship
Is a rebound relationship a good idea?

The innocent rebound

The first type of rebound we see is the innocent guy.  The type of guy you’d frequently associate with “being in the friend zone”.  Oftentimes, these guys do not know they are being used.  They are unfamiliar with receiving this attention.  These are the guys I really feel sorry for.  Subsequently, these guys will catch feelings for the girls that are trying to use them.  Undoubtedly, this relationship will fail and the innocent guy will have to suffer a rough breakup of their own.  While trying to recover from your own heartbreak, you have caused a new one to an innocent bystander.

The sleezy rebound

The second type of rebound is the type that actively seeks vulnerable women.  Since they know you just experienced a breakup, they think their chance is now.  They’re not the type of guy you’d consider if you weren’t looking for a rebound.  However, you know he’s easy and you need some attention right now.  I know a couple of sleezy rebounders.  It never ends well.  The vulnerable girl in the situation will look back at the situation later with disgust.  They can’t believe they actually hooked up with that person.  Had they thought their actions through, they would have avoided this mistake.

Take time to think

All in all, breakups are emotionally rough.  They may push us to do things we may not normally do.  The best strategy to avoid regrets is to take it slow and think things through.  What might seem like a good idea at the time might not seem like it in a week.  There are several other ways to get over a breakup that don’t include rebound relationships.  I encourage you to check out our article on how to get over a breakup.

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