Should I Give My Cheating Boyfriend a Second Chance?

Should I Give My Cheating Boyfriend a Second Chance?

Cheating Boyfriend does not deserve a second chance.

That’s the answer, loud and clear.  You should not give a cheater a second chance.  Don’t talk to him, don’t listen to his excuses.  They are not sorry they cheated, they are sorry they got caught and are likely to do it again. A cheating boyfriend will always be a cheater.

So here’s the situation: Your boyfriend cheated on you and now apologized and wants you back.  Here are the reasons you should not take him back.

He isn’t sorry he did it, he is sorry he got caught.

Cheating is never a mistake.  It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together.  It doesn’t matter how much he says he loves you.  He made a conscious decision to cheat on you with someone else.  That is proof that he does not care or deserve you.  Had you never found out, he would have never told you.  Had you never found out, your boyfriend would probably still be cheating on you until you did.  Who even knows if this is the first time he has done it?  You might think you’re giving your cheating boyfriend a second chance, but in reality it might be his 5th or 10th chance!

What if my cheating boyfriend is the one who admitted he cheated?

It does not matter.  He is only admitting it to you because he feels guilty and wants to get rid of that guilt.  If this is the case, he does not deserve that peace of mind.  He most likely does not even mean it when he says he is sorry! If he is the one who brought it up, he will most likely try to make an excuse for it.  Ignore these excuses, he was not loyal while you were.  It is obvious he does not respect you as much as he should.

What if he was really drunk or drugged?

Then he cannot control himself under substances.  If this is his excuse, then he will definitely do it again next time he is drinking.  If he really cared about the relationship, he would have self control even under the influence.  Your boyfriend will not give up drinking for you.  You should breakup with him and move on to someone who does not lose control.  Even if it was only making out or 2nd base, it is still cheating.  If you aren’t in an open relationship, then the cheating is really one-sided.  There are no such things as accidents when it comes to cheating on a relationship.

If they have a drug or drinking problem, you should also consider seeking help for them.  You should definitely break up with them, but you should also suggest community resources such as alcoholics anonymous.  Maybe they can go through a program and learn to control their substance abuse and not cheat on their next partner.

Cheating Boyfriend
Cheating is a difficult conversation to have…

But I Love Him!

Stop loving your cheating boyfriend.  He cheated on you, so he obviously does not reciprocate those feelings.  A relationship needs equal amount of effort and emotion for it to work.  It will not work with a cheating boyfriend.  It does not matter if he says he loves you.  He does not respect you enough to stay loyal.  He will definitely continue to do it in the future when things get rough.  You need to be in a relationship with someone who will be there for you through good times and bad times.

Being cheated on hurts a lot.  It will take a long time to get over it.  Think about this: Could you continue to be with someone who has put you through so much pain?  If they caused you this much pain, do they really care about you?  More emotional struggle will definitely come later on, so it is best to end it here and cut your losses.

You don’t love him, you just love the idea of him.  You should not love someone who hurts you.  Do not trust him when he says he loves you back.  This is just him trying to show you that he cares about the relationship.  If he really loved you, he would not have hurt you the way he did.  That thought or opportunity would have never crossed his mind.

He does not deserve you love.  He doesn’t even deserve your friendship.


Please don’t even think about giving him a second chance.  End things immediately.  His apologies are not genuine.  Cheaters should not be given second chances.

I’ve seen several friends get back together with their boyfriends after being cheated on.   Almost always, they are cheated on once again.  The first time hurts, but the second time is even more painful.  The second time is a complete lack or respect and incredibly insulting.  Their cheating boyfriends hurt their self esteem.  I have friends who have gone into deep depression after these instances.  I am writing this piece so that you can avoid their mistakes.

Giving an ex boyfriend a second chance is opening the opportunity to be hurt much worse.  Like the old saying goes: “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me”.  Do not be fooled twice by these cheaters!  Cut communications with them and move on!

You now have an ex boyfriend.  This breakup will definitely sting considering cheating was involved.  Lucky for you, we have an article that helps you get over a breakup effectively.  Check out our article on how to get over a breakup!

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